jus' being prepared.

  • Win a scholarship (4 years: $16k)
  • Figure out my future, for sure
  • Have all schools applied for
  • Have a 90%+ average (96.2% second term)
  • Get a second job if necessary (04/01/11 walmart woo)
  • Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with Jack
  • Get caught up on developing photos
  • Donate blood
  • Continue collecting postcards, haha
  • Have full license by age 18 (01/12/11)
  • Piercings/tattoos (eyebrow)
  • Make a pinhole camera
  • Go to the gym atleast 52 times
  • Weigh less by the end of the year than I did in the beginning
  • Read a lot, especially books that I have planned on reading
  • Get into film-making
  • Have a lot of new experiences (so far: licence, fight party, pr0nz shop, first retail job, 21, camping, college)
  • Be generally more artistic (school helped)
  • Camp outside the theatre with Jack for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two (he can't go - going with sister)
    • see it 10 times ;) (5/10)
  • Donate much more to charity, volunteer
  • Get a photo published in a magazine
  • Learn to be more independent (both in abilities and courage)
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