• "if you can't tell someone what you're doing you shouldn't be doing it"
  • "if you pretend you aren't wimpy other people don't think you are"
  • "all you have to do is live and die. and really, at this point, all you have to do is die"
  • "just call him and sing 'tearin’ up my heart' by nsync and hang up really quick"
  • "art is mostly lying"
  • "travel. period."
  • "hannah..... weird chicks rock."
  • "and if you're, you know, depressed and shit, go watch a movie. cause that's better than the alternatives."
  • "sleep and pretend it isn't real"
  • "i got like all Ds in high school and i still managed to graduate and i still got into college, so, ya know, live the dream hannah"
jul 30 2012 ∞
apr 2 2013 +