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"Her life improved dramatically when she decided to break the rules, and see beauty where she'd be told there was none."

listography TERMS
  • 6 people 1 truck, 2 hours
  • b and d becoming friends
  • b and the stupid twitter page
  • basically having a crush on j, and not being able to do anything about it
  • basically not doing anything important at work
  • beach days after class
  • beer pong on the skate ramp
  • being soaking wet all night and walking around bare foot in the mud at b's party
  • being the only one without a hammock to camp in
  • bodyboarding at the beach with j b and k
  • bon fires in the backyard for my birthday
  • camping on friday the 13th spoooooky
  • camping with everyone, and going to the beach after
  • cartwheels at work
  • coyotessss
  • dinner with the fam at don pablos for my birthday, and wearing the sombreo
  • duck duck goose with the little cousins
  • e choking on her food at dinner, causing a chain reaction of gut wrenching laughter and choking for a solid 10 minutes
  • everyone loving the puppy
  • family meals at work
  • fuck the dealer and slaps
  • g and his knives
  • getting my car towed, and the cute tow guy who gave me his number. young blood.
  • hanging out with b during lunch
  • having to pick up m in the middle of the night with p j and m because he got in a car accident
  • i didn't know what to talk about, so i asked him about the only thing we had in common. "remember when we had sex in high school?"
  • j always stopping by to talk to me at work...ahh and he's so cute
  • kings at tcnj
  • listening to my old cds from middle and high school and j making fun of me
  • making carmel apples with p and helping her mom unpack halloween things
  • pizza nap coffee party
  • pork roll egg and cheese at the deli after camping
  • pouring beer on sch from the roof
  • pros and cons of bathroom wipes
  • pumpkin spiced lattes
  • she sounded like a dinosaur giving out a mating call
  • starbucks catch up sessions with jc
  • terential rain during the festival
  • that guy from the band who gave me his number
  • that really cute outfit i wore
  • thats all i think of when i see him. thanks for ruining that for me.
  • the lounge guys always making fun of how short i am
  • toga party? costume party? COSTUME PARTY! margaritas? FIESTA! lets get drunk and dance party!
  • when all the guys come and visit me at work
  • when c always comes to talk to me at work and makes me smile
  • work with d and listening to her crazy stories
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