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I've been obsessed with names since childhood and this is the perfect place to organize my favorites. I love laughing, making lists, coffee, hiking, reading, yoga, music, camping, dogs, and sunshine.

lainy follows:
andrea names (top girl)
opal names (sons)
2019 (notes, part 3)
names (daughters)
2019 (goals)
  • Adelaide "Della"
  • Allegra Catherine Laine
  • Allegra Winter Kate
  • Annabel Violet Laine "Anna, Annie"
  • Avalon Catherine Laine
  • Bellamy Winter Kate "Belle"
  • Boheme Elizabeth Laine "Bo, Belle"
  • Catherine Aurelia Snow (Honors Cassie w/C.A.S.)
  • Catherine Avalon ?
  • Catherine Ophelia Snow "Cate, Coco"
  • Elizabeth Boheme Laine
  • Elizabeth Lorraine Frost "Elfie"
  • Freya Elisabeth Moon
  • Helena Catherine Snow "Henna"
  • Helena Rose Winslet "Hero"
  • Isabeau Catherine Laine "Isby, Beau"
  • Jane Aurelia Winter
  • Juliet Audrey Primrose "Jules, Jet, JP"
  • Liv Bohemia ?
  • Liv Cassandra Moon
  • Liv Magnolia Kate
  • Lydia Florence Moon
  • Maxine Juliet Laine "Max, MJ"
  • Mirabel Jane Evergreen "Mira, MJ"
  • Miriam Joy Louise
  • Penelope Jane Evergreen "Nellie, Penn, PJ"
  • Rosalie, Rose, Rosemary
  • Tess Amelia Poet
  • Violet Audrey Lake
  • Violet Avalon
  • Wren Amelia/Allegra Poet/Story
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jun 13 2016 +
user picture Haley: Your list is absolutely beautiful! I'm practically swooning at Avalon Catherine Laine, Bellamy Winter Kate, Catherine Ophelia Jane, Helena Catherine Snow and Juliet Audrey Primrose! Gorgeous names! :) nov 9 2015
user picture lainy: Thank you Haley! Can you tell I LOVE Catherine?! I wish I could find another name that works so well with everything. Of course Elizabeth is lovely but it's four syllables and a lot of my top names are three syllables which makes for a lot of name.