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  • "Hey fruity lips... come on, come on home with me sugar butt."
  • "im doctor bubba, the famous russian also this famous noregien sky sniper, his name is doctor bubba."
  • "dudes dont be winkin at chicks in my sugar turf."
  • " i was in the roller derby for years, they called me the NUCLEAR DE-CAP-ITAT-OR"
  • "hey, whats shakin on that side of the room?"
  • "more letters? thats a lot of stamps. thats a lot of tongues"
  • "im a cleo. thats the greek god of carnival rides"
  • "my heaviest gravity"
  • OLLY: "how do you know he plays pool?" CHESTER: "i dont know, hes always talking about 8 balls"
  • "i do this thing where you call up and i go over to your house and pull off a medieval dance move on your ass"
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