• i must take time and write in my journal each and every day, in order to keep a record of my comings, my goings, my beings and doing
  • wake up with a sun salutation
  • stop eating simple carbohydrates, stick with 1 plate at the dining hall, followed by tea and 1! cookie if I am still hungry
  • take time to do cardio, to move my body
  • go on some solo arb walks
  • create create something worth doing, worth sharing, worth feeling good about
  • write letters home and actually send them
  • take advantage of office hours
  • be romantically daring, whatever that might mean- even if it means just talking up someone instead of pining!
  • paint my toenails
  • go to some drop in classes at heartwork yoga
  • get to know my suite mates better
  • be okay with solitude
jan 18 2015 ∞
jan 18 2015 +