maybe dana and i should get picture w/santa together, frame, and send to people?! for dana- carepackage esque gift

  • a bunch of mix cds for the car
  • handmade headband
  • some lush lotion
  • lots of cute nailpolishes!
  • corkboardy thing for her wall

for daddy-

  • a couple of my poems, handwritten
  • customized golf ball ornament w/dana and my face on it
  • frame for my graduation picture
  • still thinking...

for martina-

  • a homemade bracelet of some sort
  • gift card to MAC? or like... i dunno where she shops... confer with dana

for grandma b-

  • handwritten poems- christmas season
  • still thinking; maybe knit her something?

for uncle bobby

for uncle steve

  • socks
  • thank you card/letter expressing my sincere thanks for all of his help/kindess throughout the years
  • a couple of my poems, handwritten

for jonathan

  • gift card somewhere

for mom

  • cute outfit, chosen by dana and i (personal shopping day! we choose basics, she joins in with us to build outfit)
  • handwritten poems
  • handwritten 'style guide' for future reference

for myself

  • patagonia fleece!
  • thin, brown strapped leather watch
  • more smartwool socks
  • a really really fat moleskine journal
  • fountain pen
  • Rookie t-shirt!
  • print out of pictures from my backpacking trip to add to my corkboard at school
  • one or two nice rings- plain, but kind of funky
dec 3 2012 ∞
dec 3 2012 +