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this is a listo for my dragon age ocs!

garlonn follows:


  • mage
  • spirit healer
  • blood mage
  • not that good at magic tbh but she does okay


  • fifth daughter of Revka Amell (Leandra's cousin)
  • her family left Kirkwall one year after she was born
  • sent to Kinloch Hold when she came into her magic at six years old
  • quiet and shy, but fiercely loyal and protective; always feels inadequate


  • developed a deep friendship with Keren Surana during their apprenticeship, that finally became a romance; they have a little cottage on the Storm Coast once they destroy both their pylacteries and finally evade the Templars
  • friendship with Jowan, although she will never forgive him for not telling them he was a blood mage
  • friends with Anders, who was an elder aibling figure to her
  • she and Surana have a daughter called
  • cannot remember her family well but when she gets wind of the mage rebellion she seeks them all out and brings them together, offering them refuge
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