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this is a listo for my dragon age ocs!

garlonn follows:


  • warrior
  • reaver (but insisted on drinking the blood of "Andraste")
  • the thickest motherfucker in Orzammar. could demolish you.


  • Hero of Ferelden
  • Warden-Commander
  • Arlessa of Amaranthine
  • Paragon


  • former princess of Orzammar and presumed heir to the throne
  • supported Bhelen despite his betrayal because he was still the best option for Orzammar
  • cares deeply for her homeland, and comes to care for the Wardens and the people of Ferelden as well
  • unshaken belief in the Stone; despises the Chantry in a way that is naive
  • does not fear magic
  • does not fear death; she only accepts Morrigan's offer of the dark ritual because she can't bring herself to leave her friends alone; [her arc is partially about learning to be more selfish?]


  • bi
  • the mom friend
  • shale romance
  • considers alistair to be her little brother
  • very good friends with zevran; intimate friendship
  • friends with leliana, although she tries to stay away from Chantry stuff
  • extremely wary of Morrigan, not for her magic but for her ambition; she progressively gains her friendship
  • buddies with Shale
  • gains Sten's respect
  • keeps Oghren around because he's good with a hammer and she needs all the help she can get but secretly hates him with a passion

random tidbits

  • resented Duncan for sending her off on babysitting duties with Alistair at Ostagar when she had been just named Commander in Orzammar
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