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  • A: aromatherapy, afternoon naps, apple orchards, anticipation, antique shops, amusement parks
  • B: bubble baths, brunch, bonfires, bursts of energy, blazing sunsets, bubbly champagne, beach cottages, backyard BBQ's
  • C: cappuccino, Christmas, confidence, cool evenings, cheeks aglow from the cold, canoeing on a calm lake, cuddling, country stores, candlelight, Cinderella
  • D: diamond like stars, dryer sheets, downtime, daydreaming, decorative pillows, Duluth, defying stereotypes
  • E: exploring, eucalyptus, exotic flavors, elegance, eclectic style
  • F: fresh flowers, fuzzy peaches, fun jewelry, firefly's, fondue parties, funnel cake, fireworks, fountains, facial masks, fast cars
  • G: good quotes, garage sales, glittering snowflakes, good advice, gift baskets, game nights, good books, gratitude,
  • H: haagen dazs banana split ice cream, holidays, hot showers, hope, high heels, hugs, hot cider, homemade cookies, horse carriages, humor
  • I: i-pod, igloos, icicles, icing, ice skating, inner city, indulgence
  • J: jello, January, jack-o-lanterns, John Deere tractors
  • K: kind eyes, knitted mittens, kettle chips, kisses, kittens
  • L: love, laughter, little white lights, lists, log cabins, lipstick, lime, lilacs, lush fabric, lemonade
  • M: Marilyn Monroe, morning dew, men in uniform, memories, meandering, Milwaukee, milkshakes, moon walking, movies, margaritas, my laptop
  • N: northern lights, new clothes, nutcracker ballet
  • O: orange juice, old fashioned summers, outdoors, old towns, ocean waves, over tipping, orchids
  • P: pine trees, poetry, people watching, pools, puppies, pay day, psalms, photographs, painting, passion, pretty smells
  • Q: quaint bookstores
  • R: rustling leaves, rushes of adrenaline, rainbows, roller coasters, rocking out, raspberries, road trips, rolling mist, romance, rest stops, reminiscing
  • S: s'mores, sugar white sand, salsa dancing, soft towels, skinny dipping, sorbet clouds, sandwiches, sweet dreams, Swedish customs, spas, silliness, snow angels, Sundays, scenic drives, snooze buttons, sunshine, sparkles, simplicity, salmon, soft blankets, sincerity, sailboats, smiles, state fairs, staying up late, sales, shampoo
  • T: trains, tanning salons, thrift stores, talented musicians, tropical scents, taking the road less traveled
  • U: unique art, umbrellas, uplifting thoughts
  • V: vintage, vibrant colors, vending machines, Victorian houses
  • W: watermelon, walking trails, woods, wishes, wildflowers, waterfalls, wanderlust, wild rice soup, window shopping
  • Y: yoga, yogurt, yellow labs
  • Z: zero productivity, zen habits, zoos
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