• Things that are smelly...
  • TV at night (its a void.)
  • Personal pizza (does the packet have to mention 3 times that its just for one.)
  • I hate sleeping with out being cuddled.
  • I have way to much time to think.
  • Me and myspace spend even more time together.
  • I have no one to share my celebrity gossip with.
  • I never actually end up doing anything I mean to even though I have way too much time.
  • I can't afford my lovely flat on my own so I have to move...

Things that are nice...

  • I always have time for myself.
  • I re-watched series 3 of arrested development in 2 sittings and laughed out loud loads.
  • I'm moving to an ace flat.
  • I can eat crunch bars and kettle chips or chocolate cake mix as my dinner and no one will know (oops till now).
aug 6 2006 ∞
aug 6 2006 +