Wise one, clever one, with wit to find your way through any venture, herald of great Zeus, messenger of the gods, god of connection, god of information, god of the spoken word, persuasive one, deceptive one, sly and artful god of schemes, with craft and guile you work your wiles, your cunning as sharp as any sword and quicker by far.

In any land, in any age your people prosper; in any land, in any age, you find a place, in any setting, you belong.

Hermes who guides the traveler to safety, who guards the threshold of the home, who joins with us in celebration, who heads the banquet table. Hermes, friend of humanity. I honor you.

Be with me today. Empower my voice and keep me aware of others. Guide my knowledge with your cleverness. Bring me safely back to the garden.

oct 12 2018 ∞
oct 12 2018 +