• Mon Petit Villain
    • SuperHero!AU, PG-13
      • Chanyeol is a super human. Baekhyun is his husband and Shadow is his anti-hero. Oddly enough, he never sees the two in the same room.
  • Close Ain't Close Enough
    • ABO!AU, NC-17
      • Borrowing a shirt shouldn’t start a pack war. Chanyeol being unlucky, though, it kind of does.
  • Can't Help Falling In Love With You
    • Fem!Baekhyun, PG-13
      • Park Chanyeol has to deal with violent flying monkeys when he realizes his best friend is a girL.
  • Stay
    • BreakUp-MakeUp, NC-17
      • It had been eight years since they got married, but they've practically been separated for seven.
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