• basics: born-and-raised connecticutian, current bostonian, arizonan-by-association, brunette, photography buff, sports fanatic, car enthusiast, technology nerd, college student, advertising major + aspiring art director, graphic designer.
  • affections: nutella, advertising, soccer, reading, baseball, american football, traveling, cars, photography, harry potter, chuck palahniuk novels, shopping, horse riding, layout + graphic design, cute boys with accents, turkey sandwiches on wheat bread, people watching (especially in airports), foreign films, thunderstorms, big cities, british culture, happy music, mexican food, corny jokes, "me" time, fanfiction, mashed potatoes, the sound of waves, tazo green tea, starry night skies in arizona, driving around aimlessly, singing 'til i lose my voice, the idea of hope, musicals, honey mustard, witty banter.
  • aversions: alarm clocks, people in character costumes, burnt food, celery, golf, needles, working out in gyms, ignorance, blindly following trends, poor drivers, paper cuts, being ridiculously early, delayed flights, orange juice with pulp, cars with poor mufflers, attention whores, people who insult soccer but enjoy golf, girls who wear too much makeup, dumb questions, marmite.
sep 30 2008 ∞
apr 9 2010 +