• koya-mama and his adoptive sons (based off this http://pic.prepics-cdn.com/miki0913/15629955_480x269.jpeg)
  • kitayama is a mature businessman or something and fujigaya is popstar
  • kisumai fic that involves IMs logs, doesn't matter the initial plot as long as kitayama's username is SweetQurlSugar or KitamitsuDesu and taisuke's NyanChan
  • Spin off of Inspector Koyama from "Kis-My-Roommate" series.
  • Spy fic. (suju's song spy insipired?) multifandom so it can be basically any JE. Kisumai, NEWS, K8, KT. Bonus points for all of them
  • Hongki/Jaejin - coffee shop fic. Hongki is on stage maybe, and it's like the middle of fall (late fall early winter possibly) and JaeJin comes in, orders some type of latte and muffin. And is captured by Hongki. Based off Sangsim from the cover album.
  • JE coffee prince au
  • seunghyun and jonghun are constantly saying innuendos and doing things during interviews to make the other aroused bc they totez get off on it then it reads a brink where they both cant handle having raging boners in front of their hyungs so they have violent explosive sex against a wall
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