jane eyre - charlotte bronte (page 116 as of 2/9)

foster - claire keegan (page 66 as of 2/9)

so far, i've had some moments where i really want to read and get back into the story. foster has interested me more at the moment, since it is such a short book i hope to finish it by the end of this month. i'm also getting a kindle for my birthday so im sooo excited for it to come. its been making me not want to read anything until it comes because im so desperate to get my hands on it and start reading something on there.


jane eyre - charlotte bronte

foster -claire keegan

after winter break, my reading slump took over again, started these two books but got less than halfway on both. oddly enough, they both have to do with abandonment in one way or another. i do want to get ...

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