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These are artists / songs that I like, hear somewhere, have an interest in acquiring some / more of or what to learn more about.

  • Mariza – Terra (Portuguese Fado singer)
  • Rupa & The April Fishes (san fran based world)
  • Koop- Waltz for Koop (Swedish Electronica)
  • Stevie Nicks
  • Scissor sisters
  • Rufus wanwright
  • Cab Calloway
  • Nico
  • US3 –Cantaloop (dance song)
  • Cat Power
  • Paul Simon
  • Ruth Brown
  • Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack
  • Nick Drake
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I do not understand why removable wall decals have not caught on in the U.S. yet. I have seen them in a few retail stores, Target even carries a few, but honestly, they make so much sense, especially for apartment living. Here are a few links to comapnies that I like and some of my favorite designs.

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  • Queen Anne pool Hydrofit deep water exercise class. I love not feeling my sweat / feeling like I am going to die. Apparently doing any exercise in water is almost twice as effective as doing it on land (thank you gravity). I actually look foward to wearing my purple swimming cap.
  • Mad Mats Outdoor rugs. I have the oriental turkish rust rug on my balcony
  • Moo Business Cards
  • Miraclesuit Swimwear and It Figures Swimwear
  • Plants especially houseplants and edibles I can grow in containers on my patio and share with my rabbit.
  • Wearing bright pink, dark purple, and orange.
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  • coastal scents
  • ben nye
  • makeup forever
  • sweet libertine
  • bhcosmetics
  • mac pro
  • zpalette
  • mudshop pro
  • naimies
  • crown brush
  • imats
  • frends beauty supply
  • kett cosmetics
  • monda studio
  • temptu
  • yaby
  • kryolan
  • in my kit
  • camera ready cosmetics
  • face altier
  • three custom
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  • Missphit -Beautiful, trendy and fun clothes
  • Pink Ginger -Seattle store that is less than a mile from my house, can be pricey, but it has something for everyone
  • Dereon: Curvelicious-Go Beyonce! Sassy attire for when I feel like playing up my love of color
  • Fashion to Figure-Of course one of their 3 locations is in the mall that I grew up in! On my recent trip home I dropped $250, very affordable considering I bought over 13 items, including dresses, tunics, jewelry, and blouses.
  • Alloy
  • Baby Phat-booty praising jeans
  • Macys-some of their plus size departments are better than others. They carry brands like Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren and tend to lend to the most variety of styles for a wide range of women
  • Torrid-not always quality, but they make up for it with variety of styles, good basics a...
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  • Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes These are just disturbingly delicious, they never make it into any recipes because I tend to eat them all before I get home from all the farms / farmers markets, they prove tomatoes are actually really sweet fruits
  • Petite Syrah - I am not a wine-o, blends make me sick, so do super dry wines, but in terms of reds, this one fits me
  • Roasted Brussel Sprouts see Ciscoe my favorite local celebrity for recipes
  • Neatloaf from Silent Heart Nest
  • Italian Sodas with cream and whipped cream (I make them at home now with only 2 tbsp half and half, sugar and calorie free torani rasberry syrup and reddi whip)
  • Ghiradelli Squares milk chocolate and peanut butter
  • Karams Karmage and Garlic Sauce = "A delightful home made cream cheese consisting of goat’s milk, fresh garlic and peppermint." He looks just like my dad
  • Hand made mozerella
  • Smoked mozerella
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