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Please send me the password "Witch mark" if you read my listography!

Chiara follows:
  • hello there!! My name is Chiara and I made a listography for people who want to get to know me better!!
  • for fellow kinnies like me out there, worry not since I don't mind doubles for friends!! In fact if you kin the same character as I, I'm bound to be more welcoming because it's like finding a long lost twin don't you think?
  • I am into fandoms like Danganronpa,Land of the Lustrous,Kakegurui and many more!!
  • I also play a game called Identity V and feel free to add me!! My id is 5067481 (on the NA and EU servers)
  • My currents kins are:Mina Ashido|Bnha

Cinnabar|HnK Mukuro Ikusaba|Danganronpa Dream Witch (Yihdra)'s follower|Identity V Norton Campbell|Identity V Ririka Momobami|Kakegurui Ren|Dramatical Murder Dolphi|Wadanohara and the great blue sea Komaru Naegi|Danganronpa

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