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Troublemaker, heavy thinker, foot shooter, specializing in entertainment, awkward moments, and shenanigans.

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  • I consider myself a recovering Catholic.
  • Unsure of what's up there but hope it's something good.
  • I believe that there are no accidents in life, so far as meeting people and the reasons for.
  • I can't seem to get out of my own way,long enough to believe in myself sometimes.
  • Can't look out over mountains and believe that two planets smashing together gave us that.
  • Singers and writers are my Saints and Philosophers.
  • A strong belief in the Truth.
  • I am always learning from others and observing their trip.
  • Believe in every punch and pull none.
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"I could drink a case of you, oh Darlin , still I would be on my feet, I would still be on my feet" -Joni Mitchell "Someday everything will be smooth like a rahpsody, when I paint my masterpiece"-Bob Dylan "We learned more from the three minute records baby than we ever learned in school"-Bruce Springsteen "L-I-V-I-N" -Wooderson

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