From what I’ve gathered, no one rlly uses passwords on here. So in that case instead of sending a pass to be accepted, just tell me abt your favorite part of your day! Let’s stay posi here

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Hey I’m Avi Micheal! I’m your local trans masc nb queer! My pronouns are they / them and i prefer more masculine terms when referring to me! I’m 17 years old and I’m dating my wonderful partner @jd.coibz (on insta). Below is a list of my fave things n hyperfixations! I hope you enjoy your stay!

  • paleontology
  • Greek/Roman statues
  • impressionist art movement
  • lovecore styles
  • retro and antique knickknacks
  • cowboy culture™️
  • theatrics
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  • Bucky Barnes (MCU)
  • John Marston (RDR)


  • Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle)
  • Mendel (Falsettos)
  • Columbia (RHPS)


  • Peter Quill (MCU)
  • Taako (TAZ)
  • Theodore (Her)
  • Robert Small (DDADDS)


  • Roald (Letterkenny)

I hate kin drama but pls no doubles for my ids or primaries

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Hey so like. I’m not really a minor in my state? So pls don’t follow if you don’t like that or if you’re younger than like a freshman. Also pls don’t interact if you don’t “believe in nb” people. Yada yada, normal dni shit.

But pls be sure to tag these things below! Lemme know what I should tag too!

  • all caps!!!!!!
  • needles
  • irl heavy gore
  • really really pure, bright red

Below here is some risqué-ish stuff I post sometimes so be wary!

  • weed
  • lowkey sexi nsfw talk. Nothing too bad tho
  • vapes
  • cursing
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