non-canon kins

  • sascha the sorceress- sofia the first- miss nettle's stepsister who eventually started working alongside cedric as a sorceress for the kingdom of enchancia
  • sunny- pokemon- water trainer from lilycove city. best friend was a corsola. had a group of trainer friends, two guys and another girl who i went on adventures with.
  • jewel- beetlejuice- relative of lydia's that visited the neitherworld with betelgeuse.
  • allegra- the puppets (tawog)- ballerina puppet that lived in imaginationland with grady, frank, and howdy.
  • alistair perrot/solarflare - overwatch - agent of overwatch from paris who joined after the recall.
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feb 28 2018 +
  • oceankin
  • swankin/birdkin
  • faekin
  • merkin
  • pokekin- rowlet, vaporeon, wooper, squirtle
  • butterflykin
  • moonkin
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jun 17 2017 +
  • sora, riku, axel/lea, roxas, namine, and aqua (kingdom hearts)
  • lumiere (beauty and the beast)
  • drop dead fred (drop dead fred)
  • cedric (sofia the first)
  • tony (don't hug me i'm scared)
  • the cooper gang, especially bentley (sly cooper)
  • megamind (megamind)
  • kenneth parcell (30 rock)
  • moto (festival of the lion king)
  • marshall mallow (legends of oz: dorothy's return)
  • sparrow hood (ever after high)
  • prince siegfried (swan lake)
  • james (the pirate fairy)
  • wolf w. wolf and abigail puckett (hoodwinked!)
  • wayne and magee (prep and landing)
  • mr. peanutbutter (bojack horseman)
  • emmett forrest (legally blonde the musica...
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