• serpentwithfeet, "bless ur heart"
    • "how can i keep these love documents to myself? how can i restrict what's given me life?"
  • cupcakke, "duck duck goose"
    • "i thought i came, but i peed on the dick"
  • rae morris, "do it"
    • "let's do something that we might regret/take your guard down, i can see through it"
  • cardi b, "be careful"
    • "it's not a threat, it's a warning: be careful of me"
  • nicole dollanganger, "heart shaped bed"
    • "pretend we're in one of those movies that they rent in the back/of every seedy place we passed on the interstate"
  • cardi b (feat. sza), "i do"
    • "pussy so good i said my own name during sex"
  • ray blk, "doin' me"
    • "am i doin' wrong or am i just doin' me?"
  • queen key, "my way"
    • "meanwhile i'm turnt as fuck/i left my pizza in the oven, that bitch burnt as fuck"
  • mitski, "a pearl"
    • "i fell in love with a war/and nobody told me it ended"
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