• Cars and DRIVING
  • The Beach
  • Del's lemonade
  • Coffee milk
  • Being able to drink from a bubbler instead of a water fountain
  • Depetrillo's pizza
  • Cookouts!
  • My awesomely giant bed
  • Not having to walk everywhere
  • Movies that don't charge an arm and a leg
  • Cooking because I feel like it, not because I'm dying of starvation
  • Baking!
  • Waking up to birds chirping instead of taxi's... bbeeping and/or screeching.
  • Knowing where everything is... even if I don't know the street names.
  • All of my lovely friends who unfortunately go to college in far away places that aren't New York City.
aug 26 2010 ∞
aug 26 2010 +