• anime bingo - hidamari sketch is my favorite. theres a ton of stuff i havent watched that i would probably like so sorry if has too much ganiax/trigger/yuasa/slice of life stuff lol also i forgot to add princess jellyfish on here
  • game bingo - looking to play more RPGs (of both J and W variety), arcade games, and castlevania. also i like rhythm heaven. wait why isnt chrono trigger on here wtf
  • games ive played post-bingo that are bingo-worthy: disco elysium, super metroid, ff9,
  • rhythm games - djmax, sometimes clone hero, wanna try out iidx but would like to get a controller first. played love live sif a couple years ago
  • pokemon cards, i especially love collecting ones with art by kanako eo, sumiyoshi kizuki, and yuka morii
  • some of my favorite pokemon
  • i screw around on guitar sometimes but im too embarrassed and way not good enough to say i "play" it
jan 16 2021 ∞
jul 25 2021 +