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one of those people who has to write stuff down.

one of those people who hopscotches a bit off beat.

one of those people who wants to make a difference.

listography *NEW JOURNAL*
  • i fall in love easily. head/heels.
  • i have trust issues, inherited from both my dad and my mom.
  • i prefer lowercase, except cursive 'l's.
  • i cannot wait for university, though i am frightened i will not do well.
  • each summer i visit my father overseas, so i have traveled quite a lot.
  • i want to have children of my own. at least one.
  • i grew up around adults, so i am terrible with people my age.
      • it doesn't help that i look several years older than my true age.
  • i'm going to make a difference in the world, though i have no idea how
  • i have a really long list of things i want to do in my life, & i'm terrified that i either won't pick the right things, won't get to do everything, or won't have time to do everything.
  • i only wear makeup when i know i am going to be in an intimate setting with someone i think highly of or have romantic feelings for.
      • the only time i remember wearing makeup to school was when i was asking a boy to prom.
  • i sleep with stuffed animals, the most notable of which being nuzzle (a ty white baby harp seal, who i received on the first day of second grade)
  • i am scared of the dark, but i cannot sleep with lights on.
      • this leads to a funny dance when i go to bed, in which i shut my eyes before i turn out my bedside lamp. my friends find it hilarious.
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