Some ideas that I spend a lot of time thinking about. If you want to discuss these with me, I will invite you out for coffee and love you forever.

  • How language constructs reality. Are we simply describing the world with language or are we defining it into existence?
  • Performative alternatives to war
  • The way we learn and unlearn. Education vs learning. How do people develop deep set ideas, values and beliefs?
  • Memory, nostalgia and time. How trauma is mediated by memory. Making up for the past.
  • Community building and forms of societies. What is utopian society? Is utopia even desirable? What systems make for a fair, creative, intelligent, caring and stimulating society? What motivates us as humans to engage with society?
  • Understanding God and how he fits into a grand narrative which is ultimately a perfect union between logic and love. Does God defy logic or strictly adhere to it?
  • The importance of the arts. I will vehemently argue that the arts are central to everyone's development as a thinking, sensing, and feeling human being, and that we are innately motivated to engage with them. The arts can make stuff happen.
  • The law vs morality. Right and wrong vs legal and illegal.
  • How do we achieve a balance between freedom 'from' and freedom 'to'?
  • Poverty and the false reality of money. What development strategies could counter poverty? Is there any way to recover from the cult of money which modern society has fallen into?
  • Is the pursuit of a career and money really what humans desire? Are we inherently selfish? If not, what do we truly desire?
  • What is Slinky dreaming about when I hear her snoring at night?
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