Lay vs. Lie

  • Lay
    • Transitive - needs a direct subject and one of more objects.
      • Past-tense of Lay is Laid.
    • You "lay down" you copy of The Fault in our Stars. However, if it happened in the past, you "laid it down".
  • Lie
    • Intransitive - does not require an object.
      • Past-tense of Lie is Lay.
    • "I need to go to the nurse's office and lie down.
  • "Who" is for people, while "that" is for non-people.

Who vs. Whom

  • Who
    • Pronoun
    • Subject
      • "Who is your favorite Spice Girl?"
    • Use if your answer would contain a "he or she".
  • Whom
    • Pronoun
    • Object
      • "Whom do you like among the Spice Girls?"
    • Use if your answer would contain a "him or her".
  • A lot is two words!
  • If referring to something you can count, use "fewer". If referring to something you cannot count (i.e. "Love"), use "less".

Affect vs. Effect

  • Affect
    • A verb implying change.
  • Effect
    • A noun, meaning the result.
  • ** I would like to offer a BIG thank you to John Green and Mental Floss for the information in this list! :D You can view the video here!
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