• Paint the kitchen doors
  • Change the door knobs of the kitchen (simple or leather ones, porcelain colored ones or the ones that go on top of the doors)
  • Cover the trims with MDF and paint over it
  • Maybe white kitchen with a dark blue accent on the back wall?
  • Use current bathroom trolly for fruit/veggies/potatoes
  • Coffee maker

Living room

  • Fireplace: paint the back white (washable paint!)
  • Fireplace: depending on where the seating area will be, paint a square around the 'dirty' area or a rectangular towards the seating area
  • Round carpet on the floor to bind the seating area
  • Fix leather chair
  • New floor
  • Rolling shutters or ikea screen curtains in the back, drape curtains in the front
  • Paint the bottom half of a part of the wall
  • Thonet S32/S34 chairs

Home office

  • Green library light
  • Paint
  • Book cabinets
  • French vintage posters (or Picasso?)
  • Schommelstoel Loods 5 als bureaustoel


  • Paint
  • New floor
  • Painting
  • Vintage night stands (space age?)

Hallway downstairs

  • Shoe cabinet
  • Shelf with baskets for shawls/mittens/hats etc
  • A place for keys, bike lights etc.
  • Breughel poster
  • Paint bottom half with a colour - green for example
  • Paint the stairs black?


  • Wash/Dry combo
  • Baskets to put small stuff in


  • Varied artworks on the walls (also maybe non-photography things like a wall carpet and a DIY painting)
  • Bring home decoration items from South Africa
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jun 13 2019 +