My favorite quotes are

the imperfect human being the machine that will destroy this world with their own hands-porta

Look in the mirror and tell me if your eye fool you is just a mirage that will make you hurt Look at your reflection in the water when you bathe

Calm baby you were part of my life but that the entire book :D


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Facebook - love it hate situation but yeah.. sorry i wouldn't give you the link i don't talk about my personal life

omegle i chat with random people when i'm bored maybe you see me likely not

formspring i hate it so boring

yahoo answer i like it

youtube i like it got my first top comment yesterday yay me!

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i always wanted to have atleast 8 kid

their name boys

dante i think it a mysterious name

ivonne it very popular name but it a strong name i just love it

daniel the name reminds me of a trasgender met a atorney and has a baby (yeah i'm a strange person )

girl name celeste it such a beautiful name it a very fun name

Dalila i love the spelling it just a beautiful name i don't like delilah it remind me of the black delilah with i'm obsessed with her

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