So many things that I would like to accomplish in 2020. Habits I would like to change, impulses I want to delve further into, relationships I want to kindle and grow. I don't want this to be a checklist. But rather, a reminder to myself about what I feel is important to me in life and what I want to get out of it.

  • Track all expenses and spending
  • Read 40 books (stretch: 50)
  • Shopping ban for 6 months (stretch: 1 year)
  • Continue cutting back on drinking
    • Don't go out to the bar more than once every 2 weeks (stretch: once a month)
  • Travel to Wrangell for 4th of July (Covid)
  • Travel to Las Vegas in May with Bill (Covid)
  • Travel to a new to me country
  • Get down to 135 lbs by July 1st (stretch: June 1st)
    • 155 by April 14, 145 by May 24th (stretch: 155 by April 2nd, 145 by April 30th)
  • Start a new job by June 1st (stretch: March 1st)
  • Don't gain any more debt
  • Do yoga at least 5 times a week
    • Gain more flexibility
  • Do Duolingo at least 5 mins a day (stretch: 10 mins)
  • Watch 25 of AFI's top 100 movies
  • Set up bi-weekly payments to mortgage of $600 each
  • Write a card/letter a month
  • Increase savings to 15% of income by year end
  • Go on at least one backpacking trip
  • Finish painting all of the inside of my house
  • Use AK Air $250 travel credit somehow...
  • Promote to a Level 4 by year end
nov 18 2019 ∞
dec 29 2020 +