• Inherited $$$ from Endicott Grandparents
  • Granddad's funeral
    • Met/got to know all my cousins
  • Started dating
    • Jared
    • Josh Wallman
  • Las Vegas


  • Started my weight loss journey (172.5 lbs start)
  • Got an offer accepted on a house
  • Prague and Budapest
    • Ate at a Two Michelin Star restaurant


  • Terminated 18th St house contract
  • Wine tasting with Kelsey, Jane, Emily, Mel and Caitlin
  • Kelsey came down to visit
  • Offer accepted on Kurth St house
  • Went on a date:
    • Kai
  • Carol moved to Oregon
  • Joined Beach Body


  • Seattle
    • Visit with Kelsey, Sonja, Lucasz, Bill, Michael, Jessie and Ava.
    • Sounders game
  • Closed on my house!
  • Went on a date:
    • Marco
  • Moved into my house
  • Wine tasting at Willamette Valley with Ellen
  • Dan May's memorial


  • Picked up and moved in all my furniture
  • Plant sale with Mom and Carol
  • Kael's birthday celebrations at Pietro's and Uncle Jims and Jane's
  • Got my first veggies in the ground


  • Went to Hawaii
    • Hung out one on one with Johnny, Kelly, Heidi and Lin and Harry.


  • Puzzy's colon cancer surgery


  • Watched Puz get stronger every day after 2 trips to the ER post surgery
  • Lunch with Emily
  • Dinner with Kristi and Jordan and then Matt's show
  • Old Car show with Mom, Puz and Laurie
  • Started to watch the AFI Top 100 Movies
  • Watched Vertigo at the Elsinore
  • Aerated, overseeded and fertilized my yard
  • Started playing WoW
  • Stopped going out after work


  • Had Eli and family over to play cards
  • Started getting a new visiting cat in the house
  • Continued not going out after work
  • Started Atkins on 10/20
  • Started doing yoga
  • Put down the final fertilizer of the season on the lawn
  • Met with Emily for lunch
  • Went to Annie and Derek's with Geana (+Fam), Heidi, Lilly, Kelly (+Fam), Mom and Puz
  • Baked 2 birthday cakes and ~300 cupcakes for Puzzy's birthday
    • With the help of Puz, Heidi and Lilly
  • Partied with Puzzy's family for 3 days for his 100th birthday
  • Went to Johnny and Ali's BnB with Heidi to hang out (did power hour)
  • Had a successful party at Ventis
  • Job offer at Amazon
    • Declined
  • Started to get active on Tinder and Hinge again


  • Broke into the 160s on Nov 1st
  • Visited Ronan and Mary's new house in Wilsonville
  • Jessica Carey's 30th Bday and new friends
  • Started a new 3 week yoga routine
  • Interviewed with Amazon for Shift manager position
  • Offered Shift Assistant position at Amazon and accepted
  • Watched the Sounders win the MLS Cup
  • Thanksgiving in Lincoln City at the Olsons
  • Set up my first Christmas tree in my house
  • Started my "unofficial" shopping ban


  • Made my first GF breads and cookies (4 different kinds in one week!)
  • Did my background check and drug test for Amazon
  • Venti's Employee Holiday Party
  • Got crazy into baking again (my first...GF cookies, GF Breads, Creme Brulee)
  • Broke in to the 150s on Dec 13th
  • 5th Annual Marrakesh and Nutcracker adventure with Jude and Kael
  • Made 8 different types of cookies the week before Christmas. Delivered to Harrison, McNultys, Snyders, Copelands, Justin, Brenda, Andrea, Paul, and Mat
  • Had the family over for Christmas Eve dinner
  • Had my first hosting shift at Ventis the week before I quit
  • Celebrated Christmas with Mom, Puz, Jane, Brian, Jude, Kael, Eva, Eenie, Marion and Edwin
  • Not really a "highlight", but came down with the flu (12/27)
feb 14 2019 ∞
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