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Yes, information that you must either be a family member, my boyfriend, or a stalker to know without me providing this nifty little list.

  • I hate being barefooted. I will avoid it when possible. Obviously, that can't be helped in the shower, but I don't mind having sockless feet in there.
  • I drink coffee with about 1tbs of sugar-free hazelnut creamer each morning. I usually consume about 1.5 cups. Sometimes more, but almost never less.
  • I keep my bedroom window open almost all the time. I like the fresh air.
  • I have a strict shower routine: Start water, undress, wash hands while testing the water for it's temperature, apply shampoo, re-apply shampoo, shave [every other day], apply conditionor, rinse, wash body with shampoo / body wash, get out, towel off my hair first, towel off the rest of myself, apply lotion [working from my feet, upward], get dressed starting with socks, then underwear, undershirt, pants, and t-shirt, comb hair, blowdry hair, use gel / hairspray, tease, finish the style, apply make up starting with foundation, then mascara, then eyeliner. Always, always, always in this order.
  • I do not like olives, eggs, cottage cheese, or milk.
  • I don't like foods with mushy or slimy textures. This means I don't really care for mashed potatoes, or things like cooked onions / peppers.
  • I like to place a french fry or chip along with each of my bites of a sandwich, or something similar. I don't like to eat out of this format, so I usually always have a sandwich ( or something like one, like a burrito, taco, pizza pocket, etc ), and some side of chips, whether they be tortilla chips, Baked Lays, fries, or whatever else.
  • I start brushing [my teeth] on the right side first, and then I move over to the left.
  • I don't like to drink water with meals. I like to drink it in between. UNLESS I'm going out to eat. In which case, I PREFER water. Otherwise, if I am at home, I like a diet soda with my meals.
  • I check my Myspace, Xanga, and Bzoink accounts almost once a day.
  • I own more male-oriented clothing than female-oriented. And a whole butt-ton of hoodies, too.
  • I've done
    drugs. Beyond pot, for instance.
  • I pretty much always wear sunglasses when I drive. Even on cloudy / rainy days, yes. However, I don't wear them when it's dark out. Heh.
  • I'm always losing whatever lighter I have on me at the time. More often than not, I lose it completely, and find another one that was lost ages ago, but miraculously still has fluid.
  • I pray. Whether or not I believe in God, or whether or not a God exists.
  • I take a lot of painkillers.
  • I wake up regularly at 3-4:ooAM. Insomnia. But it seems like it's backward for me, since most people STAY UP until that time, they don't WAKE UP then.
  • I have 100+ pictures saved to my camera phone.
  • I tend to glance at myself when I walk past reflective surfaces. And I take opportunities to utilize mirrors.
  • I'm a little more vain that anyone would suspect.
  • I don't like baths. I haven't taken one in years; not even the rare bubble bath. I would much rather take a shower.
  • I hate being thirsty. To me, there's almost no minor, nagging discomfort that is worse. Not even papercuts.
  • Etc.
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