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  • Life events that particularly changed or affected me.
  • The specific people that have immensely touched my life, and why/how.
  • My fears.
  • My aspirations, and hopes for the future.
  • Where I like to kiss my boyfriend.
  • Where I like my boyfriend to kiss me.
  • Bands that make me think of the 90s.
  • ANYTHING that makes me think of the 90s.
  • Possible mix CD ideas.
  • To-Do lists.
  • Favorite television shows.
  • Rock Band 1+2 Scores.
  • A list of anonymous people, and the things that I want to say to them, but never will for one reason or another.
  • What things I want to change about myself.
  • What I like about myself, and what I want to always stay the 'same', or close to it.
  • What qualities I really appreciate in another person.
  • The silliest things I've ever cried over.
  • The places I want to visit or travel to in the future.
  • The reasons why I don't like road trips.
  • The reasons why I am pro-choice.
  • The reasons why I am respectful and tolerant of almost all
  • Why I think being materialistic and entitled can have major pitfalls.
  • The things that I worry about on an almost constant [and detrimental] basis.
  • A list of survey-makers on Xanga and Bzoink that I favor.
  • A list of favorite videos that I've come across on Youtube, including music videos, interviews, and the like.
  • A list of all the illegal things I've done throughout life.
  • A list of jobs I would LOVE to have, if I didn't have to worry about schooling / ability / money.
  • A list of jobs I would NEVER work.
  • A list of reasons to live.
  • A list of things I want to do before I die.
  • A collection of favorite quotes, or just quotes that I stumble across, and end up liking.
  • A collection of favorite lyrics.
  • Favorite authors / books.
  • Etc; Under Con.
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