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The little things that I have to / hope to get done in the next couple of weeks. Or, at the very latest, by the 12th of July.

  • Make mix CDs for the camping trip after the 4th of July.
  • Organize camping gear.
  • Get
    directions to the site.
  • Gas up the car.
  • Get over to the south side to pick up some 'stuff'.
  • Find out what the hell is going on with Rob, and whether or not he still even cares to go camping with Nick and I.
  • Finalize 4th of July plans, which will include going to Nick's dad's / step-mom's for the afternoon, and then later driving up to the park to watch CSU-P's fireworks display. I hope to save a few dollars so that I can get some for us to fire off as well.
  • Clean room, at least a little. Even though it's not all that messy.
  • Try, try, try to purchase a straightener for Nick. I don't know how expensive they are, but if they're not too bad, I might get my bum out to Walmart to get one for him. Since he has been talking about one for awhile.
  • Hit Coinstar.
  • Build an tournament-illegal deck for fun, to play outside of matches at Otaku.
  • Ask about other activities at Otaku.
  • Earn enough money to be able to participate in the Magic : The Gathering pre-release on the 12th. ( 35 dollars each, for both Nick and I, so we need at least 70 for that day ).
  • Organize / Complete tournament deck for the upcoming tournaments.
  • Earn enough money to purchase MTG-sized card cases. And perhaps a deck box.
  • Purchase another Mind Funeral card.
  • Make up my trade-book, and organize it for the following tournaments.
  • Keep up with exercise routines.
  • Stop by over at mom's regularly, to help with chores, and to keep her company.
  • Sign up for Fall classes. I keep putting it off, just because it'll only take a few minutes. But I really need to get it done.
  • Organize my Windows Media Player library better.
  • Delete all the old stuff off of my MP3 player, and load it up with my new playlist.
  • Think about NDK, at least.
  • Write down all the numbers in my phone on another piece of paper.
  • Keep up with songwriting.
  • Get to Guitar Center to purchase a tuner.
  • Print out some guitar tabs for a song I want to learn.
  • Practice / Keep up with singing.
  • Etc.
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