Glee Quotes

  • Sucks for you (Brittany)
  • Don't they get together in the end? (Klaine)
  • I really, really care about you. I don't want to screw this up (Klaine)
  • I really try to be honest with people. But I think they suck, you know? (Santana)
  • Actually, You're just a Bitch (Zizes)
  • 'Do You Know my coffe order?' / 'of course I do' (Klaine)
  • 'You're a real star, and you need to shine. Just because I can't be with you doesn't mean I don't believe in you' (Finnchel)
  • Oh, please, I've had Mono so many times it turned into stereo (Santana)
  • Sponge hair square chin (Sue)
  • Cause you can't look me in the eye right now and tell me that you didn't make out with Finn / I want to be with you, Sam / Forget it okay? (Sam/Quinn/Sam)
  • Avatar on Ice Audition (On Rachel's list)
  • Well uh, It's really .... Interesting. But it's not emotional or, like, good. / It's sucks / yeah (Finn/Rachel/Finn)
  • Hey girl friend, having fun? / Yeah, awesome... Party (Rachel/Quinn)
  • Hey, it's so cool that you and Kurt are brothers. Right? Like, Brother. Wow. You're so tall" (Blaine)
  • Blaine Warbler I'm gonna rock your world (Rachel)
  • Yeah, i'm gay. One hundrer per cent gay. Thank you so much for clear this up (Blaine)
  • Hey, there you are. I've been looking for you forever. You Move me, Kurt. (Blaine)
  • You're judging me. / I Think it's adorable. You're adorable (Klaine)
  • You're the only one who never call me that (Brittany)
  • I Still care about you / Look, all I ask is that whoever I choose, that you be supportive of me as I've been for you and Quinn even though I'm dying everyday inside about it (Finchel)
  • You Take My Breath Away (Klaine <3)
  • You're gonna get on that train, ok? And you're gonna go to New York. And you're gonna be a star. Without me. That's how much I love You. (Finchel 3x22)

TVD Quotes

  • Because what I’m about to say is… probably the most selfish thing I’ve ever said in my life./ Damon, don’t go there. / I just have to say it once, you just need to hear it. I love you, Elena. And it’s because I love you that… I can’t be selfish with you. But you can know this… I don’t deserve you, but my brother does. God, I wish you didn’t had to forget this, but you do. (Delena)
  • We're never getting Stefan back, you know that, don't you? / Than we'll let him go (Delena)
  • We'll survive this. We always survive
  • And Damon? / Damon just sort of snuck up on me. He got under my skin and no matter what I do I just... I can't shake him (Delena)


  • You know how they say no man is an island? Well I think, actually, every man is an island. And relationships are like bridges. One guys builds one-half of the bridge and the other guy, or gal, you know, builds the other half, and they try to meet in the middle. But sometimes, the islands are too far apart. And it's sad but it happens. That's okay because sometimes, it's just how we move on (Ethan 01x22)
  • "I don't want you to give up on your dream, Ivy. What I feel for you is bigger than you living down the street, or halfway across the world. Go where you need to go. Do what you got to do. This is not goodbye" (Diego/Ivy)

The Lying Game Quotes

  • You've just been the one bright spots on all of this... (Thayer/Emma 1x20)
  • But whatever's coming I dont' want to face it alone / You won't have to (Thayer/Emma 1x20)

How I Met Your Mother Quotes

  • When I let a day go by without talking to you, that day's just no good (Barney 7x09)

Torchwood Quotes

  • I hate the countryside. It's dirty, it's unhygienic. And what is that smell? / That would be grass / It's disgusting. (Owen/Gwen, 1x06)
  • Bet you thought you'd never be glad to see me! (Owen 1x06)
  • The average life is full of near misses and absolute hits. Of great love and small disasters. It's made up of banana milkshakes, loft insulation and random shoes. It's dead ordinary and truly, truly amazing. What you've got to realize is, it's all here, now. So breathe deep and swallow it whole. Because take it from me: life just whizzes by, and then, all of a sudden, it's— (Eugene, 1x09)
  • What would have tempted you? What visions would have convinced you to open the rift? / The right kind of Doctor (Gwen/Jack, 1x13)
  • What if they can't stop it? / They will. / Yeah, but if they can't? / Then it's... All over / Let's all have sex. / And I thought the end of the world couldn't get any worse (Owen/Ianto, 2x02)

Doctor Who Quotes

  • Rose, before I go, I just want to tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I. (Ninth Doctor, 1x13)
  • And everybody lives, Rose! Everybody lives! I need more days like this. (Ninth Doctor, 1x10)
  • I just want you know there are worlds out there safe in the sky because of her. And there are people living in the light and singing songs of Donna Noble a thousand million light years away. They will never forget her. While she can never remember. But for one moment, one shining moment, she was the most important woman in the whole wide universe. (Tenth Doctor, 4x13)
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