• ""I think this grain is pretty neat." -Me" - @caprisoda
  • "no fuxk you i hate flannel" - @hottiehaughty
  • "sometimes rice it sometimes it sometimes it sometimes rice times rice" - @vanridgeway
  • "good grain, good friend... 100% rice" - @s0bk_
  • "put something down for me but im not giving u anything just put down what u think id say" - @shaypidges
  • "RICE YOU DONT GET FREE WILL" - @rubypassage
  • "“damn bitch you live like this?” -botwzelink"" -@botwzelink
  • “buddha tell this fool not to say anthjing” -@inkopolis
  • "you're lucky we're oceans apart or i'd sunder you apart like the tiny pathetic little granule of little nutritional value you are, you uncultured half-empty bowl" -@gozufucker69
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