• You are older than 24 (if I followed you first or if we've known each other beforehand then feel free to)
  • You fit the basic dnfi criteria. I shouldn't have to explain this, either way you'll be blocked on sight if you're a horrible person in some way.
  • Don't follow if under 15. Stay safe out there n good luck kid!!!
  • Don't follow if you're a bnha/danganronpa blog. Especially if you're an ouma stan.
  • If you ship giomis
  • If you sexualize the younger toudan or ship them with adults
  • The above applies to if you ship Izuminokami/Horikawa
  • Don't interact if you're a Markiplier or Jacksepticeye fan, they're buddy-buddy with pewdiepie and I don't want that near me
  • Don't interact if you're a Thomas Sanders fan/Sanders sides fan
  • Don't interact if you like south park
  • Don't interact if you like hetalia and/or countryhumans or whatever it's called.
  • Don't interact if you're a good omens fan
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