• Orsan - Dubrovnik

Located on the harbor of Gruz Bay across from the cruise ship terminal, Orsan serves fresh seafood and wine from the nearby Peljesac Peninsula. Go for a long lunch.

  • Gradska Kavana Arsenal - Dubrovnik

It's hard to say what's more compelling about this romantic Old Town restaurant: The views (a historical trifecta of fortress, port, and city walls) or the food (the freshest seafood, the local wines). Mull it over between bites of sea bass and sips of a Croatian sauvignon blanc on one of the two terraces.

  • Karmen Apartments - Dubrovnik

Ultra-friendly Marc van Bloemen's Old Town inn has four comfortable full-service apartments that will make you feel like Dubrovnik is home. Most have views of the old harbor and the city walls. From $90

  • Hiša Franko (Kobarid, Slovenia) *new entry*
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