• Seljalandsfoss
  • Myvatn Lake
  • Bubble Iceland
  • Northern Iceland

Iceland has been on the radar for years, especially as the country has come roaring back from its economic crisis, but most of the attention has been centered on Reykjavik and the capital region. Evergreen Escapes’ Haupert believes a new Air Iceland flight from the Keflavik international airport to Akureyri (the first domestic connection from the international airport) will change that when it launches in February. As for the region, he says, “Aside from the fjord-side charms of Akureyri, the location puts visitors in close proximity to superb whale watching in Húsavík, the powerful plunge of the Dettifoss waterfall and the moonscapes and mud pools near Lake Mývatn.” The country is promoting the region too, naming the northern circuit the Diamond Circle in hopes of capturing some of the elf-like magic the popular Golden Circle has attracted down south.

  • Grotta Lighthouse - Reykjavik

About an hour walk, or 10-minute drive, from downtown, is one of your best bets for viewing the lights in Reykjavik proper.

  • The Pearl - Reykjavik

Another option to see northern lights, home to a revolving restaurant and observation deck.

  • Elding - Reykjavik

Offers a two-hour excursion, which includes a 20-minute boat ride to Videy Island. In the event you don't see any lights, the company will provide a free tour ticket good for two years.

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