• Taj Mahal

Agra, India Viewing spot: Yamuna or Agra Rivers Ah Taj Mahal, there you are as the world’s No.1 tourist trap and bane of happy-go-lucky travel photographers everywhere. Getting the money shot of this architectural wonder can be unbelievably tricky, and that’s why your best bet is on riverbanks, or even ON the water. Hire a boat to float out for a unique, full frontal angle. Trade-off? Sewage smell. Better than big crowds and fending off scams? You decide.

  • Vada pav

The vada pav, a potato fritter between two slices of bread, hails from India—just as much of the best vegetarian fast food does. Chilies, mustard seed, garlic, ginger, and curry give the fritters a spicy flavor that is traditionally complemented by zippy tamarind chutney.

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