Talbott Tavern - Bardstown

Talbott tavern looks like it’s straight out of old England, but it’s very American. It was a Kentucky bourbon bar before bourbon bars were a thing—heck, even before bourbon was officially bourbon. Abraham Lincoln stayed here when he was five, just before his parents lost their land and moved to Indiana. On a lighter historical note, Jesse James stopped by, too—and he left his mark. Bullet holes from James are on the wall to this day, adding some good ol’ American spirit to the renowned stone work.

  • Fried chicken

RAMSEY'S DINER3090 Helmsdale Pl Lexington

  • Hot Brown

THE BROWN HOTEL335 W Broadway (at 4th St.) Louisville

  • Shopping - Louisville

Louisville loves shopping local. You can find great gifts and handmade items at Revelry and Scout located on Market Street and at Work the Metal in Butchertown. If you need to find a nice dress or something for going out, head over to Monkees or Peacock Boutique.

  • Vietnam Kitchen - Louisville

Vietnam Kitchen is an award-winning Vietnamese restaurant. This hole-in-the wall restaurant is sandwiched between a dive bar and laundromat. While its exterior may not be the most appealing, its food is second to none. If you love avocados (which I’m sure you do), order an avocado shake for dessert.

  • Harvest - Louisville

Harvest is a farm-to-table restaurant with an ever-changing menu based on food that’s in season. Everything on the menu is fresh from local farms in nearby areas. The wait staff at Harvest is extremely knowledgeable about every item on the menu, as well as the many farms used to make the delightful creations.

  • Toast on Market - Louisville

Who doesn’t love fluffy pancakes and a mouth watering cheesy potato casserole? No one, right? Toast on Market offers the the best breakfast money can buy. There is usually a wait, but it’s worth it. Toast on Market will be sure to perk your taste buds up in the morning. When they ask if you would like fruit or cheesy potato casserole as your side, choose the casserole. Always choose the casserole.

  • Decca - Louisville

If you’re looking for a relaxing, slow-paced, high-end dining experience, then make a dinner reservation at Decca. All of the delicious meals are made with locally farmed and small production ingredients. Decca creates an ambient atmosphere for customers — whether you’re enjoying a meal in the main dining room, out in the courtyard, or down in the limestone cellar listening to a live jazz band, you’re sure to have a magical experience.

  • Garage Bar - Louisville

This fun pizza joint is a great place to bring family and friends in the spring, summer and fall. Garage Bar was converted from an old car garage, hence the name for this unique pizza spot. There is a great outdoor seating area and you can play a few games of ping pong while you’re waiting for your table. The fun and playful atmosphere of Garage Bar makes for a perfect way to spend your Friday night.

  • Ramsi’s Cafe - Louisville

A great spot for vegetarians, Ramsi’s Cafe offers a variety of food items inspired from places around the world. Ramsi’s is a local favorite and in a great location. Before stopping in, walk up and down the streets of Bardstown Road and check out the quirky local shops Louisville has to offer.

  • Homemade Ice cream and Pie Kitchen - Louisville

Do you like homemade ice cream? Do you like homemade pie? Yes and yes! Perfect! Then you’re going to love Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen. Opened in 1982, this family-owned and operated shop bakes all of its pies from scratch and churns all of its ice cream daily. There are a few locations around town, but your best bet is to head to one in the Highlands neighborhood.

  • Heine Brothers’ - Louisville

Owned by the local Henie Family, Heine Brothers’ is a Louisville coffee staple and offers a perfect substitute to the popular Starbucks Coffee chain. Heine Brothers’ can be found in a variety of places throughout the city. If you are in a hurry and want a great cup of coffee, check out Henie Brothers’ instead of hitting up the Starbucks drive thru. *Disclaimer, I love Starbucks, but I love shopping local even more.

  • Please and Thank You - Louisville

Are you looking for excellent coffee and even better chocolate chip cookies? Then stop at Please and Thank You. The shop is always jamming out to classic vinyl records while brewing a peppy cup of joe. Located in the very trendy Nulu neighborhood, Please and Thank You offers the perfect pick-me-up during your mid-day shopping trip. While you’re there, purchase one of their famous Please and Thank You tee’s. You’re sure to get a lot of complements.

  • Highland Coffee - Louisville

Highland Coffee is located in the hip Highlands neighborhood. Highland Coffee is an eccentric coffee shop that offers a variety of tasty vegan pastry options. They have wonderful veggie burritos that will keep you full all day long.

  • Bardstown Road - Louisville

It may sound strange to say travel to Bardstown road and explore, but you should do just that. Find a place to park between Douglas Boulevard and Grinstead Drive, get out of your car, and walk around. There are tons of fun things to explore. From clothing boutiques, to tattoo parlors, to local fro-yo shops and hopping bars — there is something for everyone.

  • Old Louisville - Louisville

Make sure to take a drive around old Louisville. It’s one of the most beautiful neighborhoods you could ever set your eyes on. The old victorian homes are an architect lovers dream and the neighborhood has the largest collection of pedestrian-only streets, my favorite being Belgravia Court. If you’re there the first week of October, check out the St. James Art Show, where more than 700 artist around the United States present their artwork.

  • Louisville Parks - Louisville

Who doesn’t love picnics in the park? Louisville offers a plethora of beautifully designed parks for your perfect picnic (Cherokee Park and Iroquois Park are some of my personal favorites). If you’re traveling through Louisville in the fall when the leaves are turning beautiful shades of oranges, reds, and yellows, take a drive down the winding roads of Iroquois Park. Fun fact: The “City of Parks” was created in 1890 by the famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, the creator or New York City’s Central Park.

  • Speed Art Museum - Louisville

Renovated two years ago, the Speed Art Museum has a diverse selection of artwork. From classic to modern pieces, the museum will get your creative juices flowing with inspiration.

  • Frazier Museum - Louisville

For all of you history buffs, check out the Frazier History Museum. The museum is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institute and exhibits Kentucky, United State and world history.

  • Louisville Walking Bridge - Louisville

The Louisville walking bridge connects Kentucky to Southern Indiana over the Ohio River. The bridge was converted from an 1895 railroad bridge that was decommissioned in the 1960s. While on the bridge, you will get to explore the Louisville waterfront and enjoy a beautiful view of the Louisville skyline. Not to mention, you will get to visit two states at once — Kentucky and Indiana! In the summer, you can enjoy music on the river for Waterfront Wednesday.

  • Palace Theatre - Louisville

For all of you concert-goers, check the show schedule out at the Palace Theatre. Its quaint and full of character, and is one of the many historic landmarks in Louisville.

  • Actors Theatre of Louisville - Louisville

Said to be one of the best theatre companies in the country, Actors Theatre of Louisville produces almost 400 plays annually. A couple of holiday favorites include Dracula and A Christmas Carol. Each year, the theatre host the Humana Festival, a 6 week program of plays and events for theatre lovers around the world.

  • Waverly Hills Sanitorium - Louisville

This is not for the faint of heart (to be honest, I’ve never been – I’m too scared). The Waverly Hills Sanitorium is an old hospital from the early 1900’s. It’s now listed as one of the world’s most haunted places. If you love a good scare, you can book a tour of the sanitorium and see for yourself why people find it so frightening.

  • Le Moo - Louisville

Owner Kevin Grangier says that when he created Louisville steakhouse Le Moo, he wanted the experience to be refined but laid-back. The whimsical name gives the place an air of approachability, while the baroque touches, from the French antiques to the rich velvets to the crystal chandeliers, give the place a dose of refinement. But that doesn't mean Grangier doesn't take his steak seriously. He did a cross-country tasting to find the best cuts, and attended two steak schools to learn about the different cuts and breeds. Order a steak flight — 4 ounces each of prime, choice and wagyu — and you'll get your own lesson explaining the different cuts. The prime jewel of the steak menu is the Japanese Miyazaki wagyu, considered the finest steak in the world and winner of the wagyu Olympics in Japan (yes, it's a thing). If you order it here, it arrives with a certificate of authenticity complete with the cow's nose prints. The sides and desserts get just as much thought, and several were inspired by Kevin's grandma's recipes, such as the lima beans sauteed with bacon and cream, and the pecan pie cheesecake finished with caramel sauce and candied pecans. On the libations front, the bar is stocked with 130 Kentucky bourbons; put together a tasting flight, or try one in the signature Moohattan, a riff on the whiskey-vermouth tipple, garnished with housemade candied cherries.

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