• “Well, after I’ve been to University, I’m going to be French, and I’m going to Paris, and I’m going to smoke and wear black, and listen to Jacques Brel, and I won’t speak. Ever.”

— An Education

  • “She wanted to die. And she wanted to live in Paris.”

— Gustave Flaubert

  • “I have been back in Paris for two weeks. Nothing new. Life is still bitter.”

— Camille Claudel

  • “I stayed three weeks in Paris, fell in love with the city, and decided that I was born to live in Paris.”

— Ed Bradley

  • “My dream date is a tall, dark, handsome, blue eyed man with a bubble butt who will whisk me away to Paris in a hot air balloon to wine me, dine me and..”

— Karen McDougal

  • “It was so quiet that morning in Paris that the heels of my two companions and myself were loud on the deserted pavements. It was a city of shuttered shops, and barred windows, and deserted avenues.”

— Philip Gibbs

  • “In Paris, one is always reminded of being a foreigner. If you park your car wrong, it is not the fact that it's on the sidewalk that matters, but the fact that you speak with an accent.”

— Roman Polanski

  • “In Paris, it used to feel like you were living in a museum. As beautiful as it was, it's still limited. But here you have just everything.”

— Isaac Mizrahi

  • “Suicide, moreover, was at the time in vogue in Paris: what more suitable key to the mystery of life for a skeptical society?”

— Honore De Balzac

  • “Paris is a hard place to leave, even when it rains incessantly and one coughs continually from the dampness.”

— Willa Cather

  • “When we arrived in London, my sadness at leaving Paris was turned into despair. After my long stay in the French capital, huge, ponderous, massive London seemed to me as ugly a thing as man could contrive to make.”

— James Weldon Johnson

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