How to draw up an essay plan Do not try to make a perfect plan at once. In the process of work, it can be edited. It is not necessary to make a plan when writing an essay, as well as stick to the plan already written. The absence of restrictions and rigid frames is an advantage of this genre. If the author is easier to adhere to a strict plan, then it is worth taking time to compile it. All the main thoughts should be reflected in the form of the items of the plan. Then, as detailed as possible, detail it by breaking each paragraph into sub-paragraphs. Then read the plan pay someone to do my homework online, make sure that each item is in its place and is sufficiently detailed. Correct writing an essay is different from writing a regular composition. Therefore, if the task is to write an essay, then it is necessary to take into account the characteristic features of the genre that distinguish it from the others. Unlike the work in which the work of art is analyzed, the essay contains the author's point of view and his position on the problem under consideration. Also one of the distinguishing essays from composing features is its paradox, that is, the goal is to surprise the reader, to impress him, using vivid images, aphorisms, paradoxical statements

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