#1) The pianist:

LMAO, eighth grade man, I was absolutely obsessed with you. You were nonchalant, very musically talented, but did not give two shits about me. Yet I still fell in love. I’m pretty sure you knew, my friends were not casual about anything at all, elementary school...typical. You go to high school with me, and I still don’t understand why I had a crush on you. I guess the heart wants what it wants.

#2) The odd ball:

I was in grade nine when I had a crush on you, ended up being my first high school relationship. You were so sweet, funny, and unbelievably nice to me. I remember I would talk about you to all my friends and they couldn’t understand why I liked you, HA! I didn’t care, I wanted you. You were my first kiss and the first time I’ve ever felt sexual feelings for a boy. You were also the first time I’ve ever admitted a crush to someone. Turns out you were a complete horndog and me being the 14 year old virgin I was got scared and broke up with you. Sorry for dipping the way I did, glad we are still friends though :)))

#4) The black haired beauty

Such a waste of my time. You were literally adorable to me, but I found out you said the n word for fun LOL.

#3) The celibacy practitioner

Good god, the longest crush I’ve ever had in my life. Another nonchalant motherfucker, Aquarius moon. Figures. You were crazy smart, but such a fucking virgin. Like I don’t even mean psychically like mentally. Wouldn’t even want to think about sex without freaking out, 100% asexual. I would be shocked if you weren’t. Anyways we had a really fun friendship that I enjoyed even though we only talk occasionally.

#4) Mon current homme

Just pay attention to me you cute ass fucker. Libra rising. Absolutely gorgeous. I fell in love so hard (not actually but you know what I mean). The reason why I actually give a shit about my appearance anymore and tbh, I am 100% sure that we are going to be together in the future, I’m manifesting the fuck out of this shit bro. His astrology chart is so problematic, man needs a whole ass therapist, but luckily for me I can’t read!!! Anyways I’m gonna be his friend first and see where this goes!

oct 23 2019 ∞
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