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  • HI !! im faith or gilbert whichever
  • This is basically like a more abt me thing soo yeAH !!
  • im not completely sure about gender but leaning toward demi-boy for the most part so!! he/they pronouns if you please ty !!
  • im bisexual demiromantic so its a bit difficult for me to get crushed unu
  • im a big dumb who really likes their friends
  • i use awesome n sexy alot but then again i call myself dumbass/idot ect.
  • im chill most of the time but insult ANY of my friends and i will legit come to ur house and commit homicide
  • im learning German an d im fluent in urdu n english
  • i like reading n writing ,horror is my fav genre !!
  • i get super paranoid abt random stuff so don't mind me !!
  • i think knives are hella rad and i like playing with my dads balisongs
  • i like making stuff with my friends s
jan 18 2020 ∞
jan 18 2020 +