• go busking in hongdae (both singing and dancing; preferably anonymously)
  • go to an audition for a movie/tv show
  • get plastic surgery (for fuck's sake, stop thinking of other people's opinions)
  • attend a catholic church, do confessionals
  • stop caring what people think, guard myself, and stop being nice (it gets you nowhere) - update 11.7.18 "it's such a waste of time being sad", "we're all going to die one day anyway, do whatever you want, no one is going to care"
  • make a psychology experiment
  • make best friends (stop trying so hard - don't put in extreme effort, friends stay with you, those are real friends) ✓
  • be satisfied with my life
  • social to a fault, but keeping it real
  • make a film people have actually seen!
  • conquer my fear of korea
  • perfect/nearly perfect the korean language
  • learn italian, spanish, etc.
  • throw away the toxic people in my life
  • be happy with my weight (and maybe stay at a rough 100-110lbs)
nov 9 2016 ∞
nov 9 2018 +