Use this die

  • Your Name

1 Initials are KLF.

2 First name is food related, middle name is Irish, last name starts with a B.

3 First name is your mom's middle name, middle name starts with a vowel, last name is whatever.

4 First name is in the top twenty, middle name is a word name, last name is a shoe brand.

5 First name is out of the top 1000, middle name is Japanese, last name is related to a Holiday.

6 First name is from your favorite book, middle name is a top 50 pet name, and last name is a nail polish brand

  • Your Fiance (describe looks and personality):

1 Initials are LBH

2 Initials are QBK

3 Initials are DSC

4 Initials are OGZ

5 Initials are PUV

6 Initials are JFW

  • Your Wedding (follow the link)

1 Garden Wedding

2 Hipster Wedding

3 Barnyard Wedding

4 Sweet Wedding

5 Retro Wedding

6 Bright Wedding

  • Your Honeymoon

1 Cape Town, South Africa

2 Tokyo, Japan

3 Sydney, Australia

4 Rio, Brazil

5 Santiago, Chile

6 Quebec, Canada

  • Where you live

1 Knoxville, Tennesee

2 Chicago, Illinois

3 San Francisco, California

4 Alexandria, Virginia

5 Greencastle, Indiana

6 Providence, Rhode Island

  • First Child/Pet

1 A boy- First name is from the most recent movie you saw. Middle name is whatever.

2 A girl- Initials are LM.

3 A pet goat named after your father.

4 A girl- First name is a color, middle name is from nature

5 A Norwich Terrier named after an American Icon

6 Girl Girl twins. Names have a subtle theme.

  • Second Child/Pet

1 Boy Girl twins. Both names share the same meaning.

2 A Goldfish named after a fruit

3 A boy- First name is an occupational name, middle name is in the top 10.

4 A girl- First name is after a movie star, middle name derives from her father's.

5 A French Bulldog with a French name

6 Boy, Girl, Girl Triplets! They all share the same middle initial. The first names are all from TV characters.

  • Third Child/Pet

1 A girl. First name is American, middle name has the same meaning.

2 Girl girl twins. First names are celebrity baby names, middle names are Latina.

3 A boy. His full name derives from his mothers.

4 A cat named after your grandparent.

5 Girl, Girl, Girl, Boy Quads. First names are all cities. Middle names are whatever.

6 Boy, Boy twins. Initials are NC and LE

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