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in the obscurity of ethereality and in the descent of the maelstrom.

  • Nostalgia of pianos and violins
  • Writing with a wooden pencil
  • Stretching
  • pressing flowers
  • the ticks and tocks of clocks
  • Warm faces on cold pillows
  • Sleeping in the grass
  • Climbing trees
  • Narrow, dark hallways
  • bookshelves
  • A brand new envelope
  • Finding anything circa pre-1950s
  • The sweet and distinct smell of the sea when you've been away from it for far too long
  • Having all my work done for school
  • Broccoli and cheese soup
  • Freshly shaven legs
  • collecting jars of flowers when I am with people I love, and putting them in my room, so that I can remember how beautiful things often are
  • the evening
  • rereading favourite childhood books
  • bubble baths
  • stroking people's hair
  • holding hands
  • Looking up into the sky when I am overwhelmed and remembering that I am so small, and how unimportant things really are
  • Reading inscriptions in old books
  • writing people surprise notes and leaving them in their classes
  • writing notes to strangers and leaving them on buses, counters, library cubicles, etc.
  • banana bread
  • See's Candy; particularly the "Beverly" and milk-chocolate molasses chips
  • caring for a plant and watching it grow
  • kissing my cat behind his ears and whiskers (his favourite spots to be stroked/kissed)
  • Earl grey tea
  • aeroports and planes
  • old photographs of people I don't know
  • exploring abandon houses
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