I finally cut myself off from hardcore event grinding and now all I do is log in for bonuses...

Games that are still surviving on my phone:

  • A3! (English version, because I can still keep up with it)
  • Cookie Run
  • Obey Me!
  • Tales of Crestoria

Games I play that don't run on a gachapon-based system:

  • Alice's Spiritual Judge
  • Deemo
  • Mushroom Garden (Seasons, DX, NEO)
  • Neko Atsume
  • Lanota
  • Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
  • Rider Atsume
  • Tasokare Hotel
  • The Prison Boys
  • Yotsumegami
  • Tsumugu Logic
  • Uyrh no Shohousen (I got lazy keeping up with the story...one day......)
  • Night of the Full Moon

Games I played but don't anymore:

  • A3! (I only committed one day to it but I still keep up with new content)
  • Band Yarouze! (the gacha is dead to me)
  • Granblue Fantasy (I actually still have the computer application but I only log in when there are free rolls)
  • I-Chu (ArS and Yuzuki are good)
  • IDOLiSH7
  • Kamen Rider Battle Rush
  • Show by Rock!! (I like the game but I go way too hard in it so I had to cut it off)
  • Tsukino Paradise (the gacha is dead to me, part 2)
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