• Ford Maddox Ford - Parade's End (I guess this is his best/most famous book. It looks quit good. A tetralogy [firefox apparently doesn't know this word] here in one volume. It is quite long.
  • Auden: A Collection of Critical Essays (This comes from a series called "Twentieth Century Views", all containing crit essays about 20th Century authours. They also have very pretty covers. Also, I like Auden.)
  • Wallace Stevens : A Collection of Critical Essays
  • Ben Jonson - Bartholomew Fair (A play by an amazing Elizabethan dramatist, mostly satirical. I think this is one of his most famous, if not the most famous.)
  • William Carlos Williams - Selected Essays (Amazing collection by the poet and professor, mostly lit and art crit, mostly about poetry; it has an amazing looking cov...
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  • McSweeney's, always. $55 dollars a year, 4 big issues. Ouch
  • Lapham's Quarterly. Fantastic. Great articles, not just fiction. Themed. Huge issues. $49 a year
  • Discover. Kind of. I really basically just read What's new in science and then Vital Signs. However, not expensive.
  • Scientific American, not sure why this subscription ran out as I've had one forever. Mid-priced.
  • Harper's Bazaar. Not expensive and I generally end up reading it cover to cover.
  • The Atlantic. Same as above, better journalists, less fiction.
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